Ande Glasmacher

I used to be a graduate student in physics at the University of Michigan (for most of that time I was Ande Kennedy). I completed my PhD in cosmic ray physics in 1997, and moved out of academia. I worked for a little while for the Michigan Legislative Service Bureau as a database administrator, and for three years at Jackson National Life Insurance in the same capacity. I left the life of dressing business casual and lunch with people who could handle their own utensils (usually, anyway) to herd three small children, Astrid, Ursula, and Jaana, and they are much more interesting than anything I could write here about my dissertation or other work. Follow their link for lots of pictures! My latest project is writing the code to run, a website to help with financial planning. I also maintain the Aicardi Syndrome website in my spare time (Astrid has Aicardi syndrome), and work on sites for organizations and friends (like After watching Ursula enjoy her violin lessons, I have taken up a bit of playing myself, having a fantastic time with The Pretty Shaky String Band .