April 2005 -- I

Ursula helps her Da start the seedlings, accompanied by a conversation of "can we grow tomatoes?", "yes", "can we grow corn?", "yes", "can we grow chickens?", "no", and so on....

Garrett and Ursula check out the llamas at the zoo.

A big event -- the sandbox is open!

Mommie reads Ursula a bed time story -- Ursula is very fond of Thomas and all of his friends. (In fact, it might be more appropriate to say that Percy is reading Thomas a bed time story, while Mavis gets Toby ready for bed.)

Ursula found the "blue puddle" in the pole barn, and drug it all the way across the yard long before it was warm enough to put water in the puddle. We had one freak warm day, and there was no stopping her.

Astrid keeps an eye on things from the porch. (Notice that Tiger #2 has been decapitated and his spine is broken in several spots. Tiger #3 will show up soon so poor Tiger #2 can retire.)