April 2006 -- I

Ursula had an unbelievable amount of fun with this camera from Aunt Barbara. She took some very interesting pictures of headless people.

Miss Shelley, Hannah, and Ursula pose in front of the flowers.

Namina and mafia boss, or son?

A Chickadee! You can tell by how she perches.

A relatively large fraction of the family.

Haley and Eden examine the "rocks" in the cemetery.

Ursula helps feed Eden.

Park Ranger Poppy has assistance from his deputies. (I wish I'd gotten a picture of the 3 deputies running the office for him.)

The deputies inspect the sand....

Here's the whole family!

Better not show this one to the Water and Sewer Commission -- they might replace Old Poppy with this talented bunch!

Jaana isn't sure if she's slept on this person yet or not, so just to be safe...

Ursula, Jaana, Haley, and Hannah