April 2006 -- III

Oma and Ursula had a sing-along in the garage, because that is where the piano is.

At the big Easter egg hunt, first peanuts are searched for in the grass.

Astrid does not understand why you would bother to search for eggs when you have such a wonderful Tiggy Tiger right here.

There goes Ursula!

Jaana also does not find this tradition very interesting (yet).

As a matter of fact, she firmly *refuses* to find any eggs.

But perhaps holding one or two wouldn't be so bad.

Astrid thinks the whole world would be happier if everyone could be content with a good Tiggy Tiger, and some attention from Opa.

Ursula investigates the loot.

Astrid is ready to take down the pinata.

Ursula also enjoys a big swing at the pinata.

Matthew also finds this to be great fun!

The mad dash ensues.

Ursula responsibly helps with the clean-up.

Ursula is convinced she can shimmy up this pole.

Jaana was baptized on Easter Sunday.

Ursula and Nicholas enjoy some time on the steps. What is it about kids and steps at church?

Jaana enjoys some snuggles from Oma.