August 2008 -- II

Ursula cooks the second egg (the first one to make it intact to the kitchen).

I wonder if Baby takes her tea with milk?

Some of the first eggs, including one from an overachiever. (The big one was a double.)

Jaana touched the pond, and it wasn't even owie! (We had some explaining to do about why the pond behind the house is "owie" but this one wasn't....)

At this point (about 4 weeks old?) the chickens have a face only a chicken-mama could love.

Ursula helped babysit Joshua.

Beautiful eggs!

Jaana felt the need to protect her room from Joshua. She didn't under any circumstances want him in there.

A rocketship for 3.

Who knew? Astrid's respiratory vest tubing apparently doubles as a telephone that lets you sing to yourself!

We went to Huckly-Bear Railroad (which is usually called Huckleberry Railroad) to "wide the twain". It was "weery weery fun!".

This is how fun it is to "wide the twain".

We also churned butter. (And churned and churned and churned, but without the kind of consistent churning necessary to really get it to work.)

At the school house, Jaana works a math problem, with some help.

Mommy was very bad.

Apparently it is genetic.

A hay bale maze!

We had so much fun we "wode the twain" again! (This time we rode the closed car.)

Astrid's friend Katie came to visit, all the way from San Francisco!

Look at this brand new first grader!