December 2006 -- III

Ursula talks about losing her first tooth

This first two photos were taken by Ursula....

Ursula is ready for Christmas, and has put out all the stockings (carefully, and in chronological order by birth date, just to clarify things for Santa).

Santa brought a gangly marionette for Ursula (we've been watching the Augsburger Puppenkiste lately).

Astrid thinks marionettes have great string.

Without even opening it, Jaana has devined the purpose of this object. (Or perhaps it was a lucky guess, since she's made calls on a die-cast school bus, a bottle of liquid tylenol, the camera, various blocks, and if all else fails, her own palm.)

Jaana feels so lucky! A real (or at least real-looking) telephone all her own! If you push the right buttons, you even get to hear the lady ask if she can help you!

Just what Ursula wanted! A sleeping dress that she does not have to share with Astrid.

Oh my!! What is missing here?