February 2006 -- II

Jaana talking to Astrid
Ursula's trick
Ursula. (this one defies description)

Astrid says, "I'll just take these toys."

Jaana: "Hey, these are mine!"
Astrid: "Busted!"

Yum yum yum a thumb!!

Ursula is probably explaining her how we need to make another ball. ("Mommy, first you need to make a big huge ball, and then another ball for his belly, and then a ball for his head!") She was much more familiar with the theory behind snowman construction than the actual hands-on technique.

We made this snowman for the kids on the bus. They could see it very well from outside their windows.

"I will give the snowman 5!"

Jaana demonstrates proper thumb-sucking technique. Apparently her head is ill-behaved, because she always holds it with her free hand, we presume so it doesn't get away.

We can see this snow lady from our kitchen table.