February 2007 -- II

Astrid chases Jaana (movie)

Here we are for Valentine's Day

Jaana REALLY doesn't want her picture taken.

Now, that's more like it.

Astrid in her fancy new gait trainer.

Jaana is in her rocket ship, preparing to blast off.

Astrid loves her new found mobility. She spent a long time examing the door frames and other things we never would've thought to let her explore before.

Ready to go look at some snow?

Ursula had been busy making snow castles.

It didn't take Astrid long to figure out how to get into trouble. She was found rifling through the kitchen drawers.....

Jaana wonders what this strange thing is for...

"I have been ABANDONED!"

Ursula has prepared for a snowball fight by assembling amunition for both sides. (This snowball fight degenerated when her mommy started filling up the pictured bucket from the snow drift and dumping it on Ursula's head.)