February 2010 -- I

Dancing girls

This is our doggie Rex, who was bad and had to be put in the pound.

Astrid is in a vendetta with the fish. The fish are going down!

....well, except that she can't quite reach them. Drat!

Jaana found Ursula's violin laying around after a jam, and didn't think anyone was watching....

Jaana's monkey -- it has 4 arms so it can do many things at once, a scarf to keep its neck warm, and whiskers. (Each of these items were added over several days. Jaana hung this on the fridge, and would stop, look at it, and then add something.)

Ursula's pilgrim. I found this in her backpack, and was worried that she was having problems she hadn't told me about, until I turned it over and discovered that this was about pilgrims. (There was a letter on the back she'd written, about being sea sick and only eating cold food.)