July 2005 -- I

Waiting for the 4th of July fireworks to start.

Ursula went to play at Matthew's house.

Ursula's first popsicle was a big treat!

We went to ride the train, but first we had to watch Carla Wallenda (who is in her 60's or 70's) climb the 150 foot pole. Ursula was most impressed, and has been entertaining us with her "Carlinda" impressions ever since. (The difference is that Ursula does her daring feats within 3 feet of the ground, and claims to be climbing the really tall hole.)

Here we are on the train.

Astrid loves to ride the train, especially the open car.

There's the front of the train.

Ursula went to school and made a cookbook. Astrid just watched -- she didn't think this looked much like school to her.

Here we are, ready for a noise parade!

The noise was horrific! Be glad this picture does not come with sound.

Astrid fell asleep in her stander.

This is a fun swing in the park.