July 2006 -- II
The Aicardi Syndrome Family Conference

Ursula's talent show act (movie) (Yes, that's her talking in the middle.)

The conference will start soon, and Ursula is ready to listen.

Mrs. Hopkins shows the girls a little video she just took of them.

Practicing siging the talent show song

Jaana makes friends with Emersyn.

Emersyn saw Jaana sucking her thumb, so she thought she'd try it too.

Doing the Hokey Pokey

Ursula and Mrs. Gounaud dance the macarena.

A lovely bow for those great dancers!

Astrid and Macey watch the talent show practice.

Talent show practice with some young performers

Jaana and Astrid enjoy the show.

Jaana is ready for a standing ovation right now!

A lot of friends

Ursula introduces herself at the talent show.

And here are the little performers!

Ursula really wanted a spot at the microphone, so she turned around. (Or maybe she was just shy?)

The whole group -- can you find Ursula? Hint: look for the little girl in navy blue on her father's shoulders.

How about Astrid? Hint: look all the way to the left.

We were barely out of the hotel parking garage when...