July 2006 -- III

speed (a movie)
vertical (a movie)

Another picnic, and Astrid works on the grass.

Jaana is learning to feed herself and completely soil our blanket, all in one fell swoop.

Kelsey, as photographed by Ursula.

Ursula, as photographed by Kelsey.

Hide and seek (sort of -- it involves some imagination).

Jaana moves from jars of baby food to something fresher (and less digestible).

Jaana, as photographed by Ursula.

Jaana and Ursula's mommy, as photographed by Ursula.

4-H cows, as photographed by Ursula.

Ursula and 4-H cows. (What I didn't get a picture of was Jaana straining the stroller seatbelt to get a better look at the cows. She was most fascinated.)

It turns out Ursula is very good at this game (much better than her mommy).

Ursula and Zachary's prize-winning goat.

Jaana's UP!

Ursula and Jaana make pudding.