July 2007 -- II

Jaana's ice cream

Jaana at the 4-H fair

Jaana's favorite room.

The friendly praying mantis Ursula found -- she thought it was funny until it started eating her hair, and then she started to panic and cry.

Ursula's idea of a great invention. (She's in the pink bathing suit, in the middle of the right half of the picture.

Jaana thinks it is a torture chamber, however.

Tie dye!

Astrid and her friend Molly. Making ice cream.

Jaana wonders what the people are doing now.

Jaana would most like to help.

Jaana didn't understand what all the fuss was about until she saw the cones. Suddenly, her mood brightened.

Ursula enjoying the game tent at the 4-H fair.

Jaana likes to help do laundry.

Jaana and Ursula with Kelsey and her brother's rabbit.

Jaana and Ursula snuggle the lap cow.