June 2005 -- I

Swing "all-gether"

Climbing with Kelsey.

Astrid loves to swing!

Off to a Memorial Day parade with Preston.

Ready for a parade (and some candy?)

Onika *really* wanted her picture taken.

We moved to the street for better candy possibilities.

Back at Preston's grandma's house, Ursula mows the deck.

Ursula did their hair, and wanted a picture.

Astrid works at her desk on the porch.

Ursula helps Da get the topsoil and manure mixture out of the truck and into the wheelbarrow. (We found her the next day in the bed of the truck, filling her own bucket.)

Ursula chases goats at the zoo.

Ursula and Garrett rode the camel together.

Camel riding is very fun!

Hamming it up before digging into a ham sandwich.