June 2005 -- VI

Movie: Ursula drums

Movie: Ursula and Patrick do the Happy Dance

(I wish I had video of Patrick doing this for Astrid while the kids drummed, because Astrid was giggling up a storm.)

Ursula stretches Astrid. She's got a bright future in physical therapy.

Here we all are at Binder Park Zoo -- Astrid, Ursula, and some friends.

After a short tram ride, we arrived in Wild Africa!

These drummers were some of the wildest things in Africa.

Astrid enjoys the drumming, and is still laughing over Patrick's Happy Dance.

Mrs. Abeli manages quite a crowd of little ones. (The only one of these children which is hers has his back to us, but this is the number and approximate age spread of children she really does have -- they're just all much older now.)

Astrid loves the tram.

Two exhausted little girls (not even on zoo day). Ursula stopped taking naps, but amazingly sleeps like this with Astrid. She says Astrid shows her how to sleep.