June 2006 -- I

Uncle Mac and Aunt Shelley's Wedding

Wedding reception dance floor (movie)

I handed my old camera over to the kids, and here's the kid's eye view of much of the weekend.

Namina holds up Astrid.

Haley found the old lady swing.

Astrid keeps us safe from the tigers.

Haley and Hannah are practicing to be flower girls.

Old Poppy and Ursula follow the footprints.

Look at the beautiful flamingos!

Ursula is ready to go to go to Uncle Mac and soon-to-be Aunt Shelley's wedding. (She will be the "bow girl", whose important job is to sit on the second pew and watch everything that happens.)

A bunch of cousins, and Dakotah, who was playing honorary cousin.

Ursula poured her Shirley Temple into a champagne glass, and then drank it with a straw.

Hannah told Aunt Ande she used to be afraid of Uncle Thomas, but now she really likes him. In fact, she went on to explain that if Aunt Ande and Uncle Thomas broke up, she'd marry Uncle Thomas.

Wyatt and Haley had a lot of fun dancing.

Ursula and Hannah ride a manatee.

Okay, okay, this is what Ursula and Hannah were really doing....

Astrid could whip that Tiggy Tiger all the way to the back seat, but Haley was fast enough to catch it!