June 2008 -- II

Ursula without training wheels(movie)

Being Jaana (movie)

Being Jaana some more (movie)

Tasty chicken. (2 down, 11 to go).

An unwelcome visitor in the hen house.

Such a big scary dinosaur!

A dinosaur who is really comfortable with her gigantic scariness can certainly serve tea from a pastel flowered teapot without losing street cred.

Ready to go to the bridging ceremony.

Bridging Brownies

Check out that snappy Junior Girl Scout!

Playing red light green light, though Jaana does not grasp the rules.

Violin practice.

Ursula at nature day camp.

Is that I fish I see? Somebody is in her element.

Luckily for Jaana, she was not the only little sister forced to hang out at the pool. Ella likes to play babies too.

Astrid is confused about this event -- it isn't all about her??

This baby appears to have an irritable bowel judging by how often it poops and must be changed. Luckily, Astrid compensates for Jaana's diaper shortage by washing diapers.