March 2006 -- III

Ursula wanted to see Mama G's "rock", so we took a little detour through Coddle Creek on the way to Columbia.

We would always look for this tombstone when we went to visit Mama G. Old Poppy could see it outside the Sunday School room windows when he was a boy (and not paying attention?). It seems like we always had to look and look and look for it, but Ursula and I found it right away.

Old Poppy tries to figure out what Jaana should be called.

Astrid enjoyed snuggling with Aunt Janette.

Jaana likes to sleep on people.

We all played ball outside.

Conveniently, this delicious thumb follows Jaana everywhere she goes.

Jaana enjoys assisting her father in researching accomodations online.

The Riverbanks zoo is fun, though the inside was too noisy for Astrid.

Ursula and Aunt Barbara read the display.

Aunt Barbara noticed what was happening and hit her bottom just in time. Ursula does not have any body image issues with her bottom.

Ursula tries to feed this birdie...

...but Da was the only one who had any luck with getting one to sit on him.

Ursula did manage to find a hesitant taker for her food.

Jaana thinks she is hot stuff on this elephant, and Astrid is glad she found an animal with a long neck.