March 2007 -- I

Ursula puddle skating(movie)

Ursula at the Munn Ice Arena

Watching the ice being resurfaced is a major highlight of the outting.

This perfect frozen puddle appeared in our yard, and it seemed only appropriate to try to skate on it.

Ursula invents "knee skating". (She spent more time off those skates than on them.)

Jaana is still confused about shoes going on feet -- she is more likely, upon finding a pair, to put them on her hands, and walk around making her "I have shoes on my hands" noise.

That mean old baby roughs up the mommy.

Ursula shows Jaana how to splash in puddles. (Poor Jaana is wearing gigantic boots, which she finds confusing.)

Yes, this is the same puddle upon which Ursula was skating above.