March 2008 -- II

Giggles! (day 1 -- remember this)

"Giggles" hop up into hands in order to eat.

(Notice Jaana's hand under the brooder -- that's where "my feed giggle! Open mouth giggle, and eat food!")

Look closely -- that chicken is nibbling on Ursula's hair.

Ready to dye eggs.

Pretzel baking with Pastor Mark. (We used some of these pretzels for Easter communion.)

Playing "chick, chick, bunny".

Hunting eggs.


Bidding the pinata (that Jaana picked out) a fond farewell.

Jaana looks concerned about the pinata's fate (she did not know at this time that it was fully of can-deeeee.

Remember those giggles? (day 9) They have feathers on their wings, and some are starting to get tail feathers in (see the one bottom center). The laying hens are growing at a rational pace, but the roasters are growing freakishly fast. What you can't really tell from the picture is how much their heft has changed. Instead of being fluffy little wisps like they were (and the egg layers still sort of are), those roasters are solid, and heavier than they look.