May 2005 -- IV

Ursula is helping her Da build a playhouse.

Namina is fun in the sandbox.

Ursula and Poppy whistle with grass.

Here is Ursula in her goose-puddle-watching tree.

This unfortunately didn't last long -- when Ursula was whining to be carried, she really meant "by my mommy".

Namina and Poppy read some bedtime stories.

Ursula's playhouse is mostly finished, and the pink ducks are ready to go sliding with her.

Ursula helps Poppy carry the shovel.

Ursula is interested in, but a bit uncertain about, the worms Poppy found.

"Worms are cold!"

Ursula makes good friends with the worms.

Ursula and Namina found a sitting stick near where the worms were being found.

Astrid and Ursula go to check out the newly cut trails.

Ursula really likes to poke things with sticks. Branches are fun to poke.

Ursula tries to climb a tree.

Ursula and Da put some finishing touches on the swing part of the playhouse.