May 2006 -- I

Ursula's Birthday Party

Some guests fed the hungry little fishies.

Caden is interested in Astrid, or maybe just her balloon.

An excursion to bounce on the bouncing stick was made.

Everyone is ready to kick the kickable pinata.

Amelia gets to go first, but is not sure what to do.

Ursula knows exactly what to do, but of course, she practiced and tested pinatas earlier in the week to see how hard they were to break.

Sarah finally broke the pinata for us.

The mad dash.

Look at all the cool stuff that was in the pinata!

Astrid found this to be beneath her.

Jaana is glad that Ursula's party meant extra ladies to look at.

A delicious monkey cake awaits the revelers.

Mmmm, Astrid had some frosting and ice cream.