May 2006 -- II

These toes are delicious!

Ursula and Garrett went to ride their bikes at the Grainger Meadows Park (which Ursula calls the "Ranger Park"). This hill is very steep.

This is the sledding hill at Grainger Meadows -- the kids are on there for scale. Imagine this covered with snow! Haley and Hannah, if you come visit in the winter, maybe you can sled on this giant hill. (The only way Ursula is going is with Uncle Mac.)

Garrett, Ursula, and Jayden take a break from their biking.

After an appointment for Astrid, we visited the Grand Rapids zoo.

Ursula points to the flamingos, for Aunt Barbara's benefit.

Astrid loves these fish. She loved them when she was itty bitty and we first brought her here too.

Tide's in!

Jaana enjoyed the snuggly-being-carried part of the zoo.

Ursula wanted to pretend to be a baby too.

Three bandits hold a mother's day card hostage. Missing a birthday is not recommended.