November 2005 -- I

Jaana Charlotte Glasmacher

born November 4, 2005

7 pounds 3 oz, 20 inches long

Jaana (movie)

"Look at my new baby. I think I will call her Stirribanger." (Ursula came up with this completely out of the clear blue. It took us forever to figure out what "Stirribanger" was, but apparently it is related to the noise resulting from or the process of making a stirring motion with a wooden spoon inside a metal bowl so that the spoon strikes the sides of the bowl.)

Jaana is ready to go home!

Once at home, Janna wakes briefly to investigate her new surroundings.

Jaana takes much more interest than her mother in comparison shopping on-line for a new washing machine. This seems appropriate enough, as Jaana will likely generate the most laundry over the next several months.

Jaana thinks her big sister Ursula is the best puzzle-worker ever!