October 2005 -- IV


Astrid really likes her decorated stander!

And of course, she loves her traditional birthday balloons!

Astrid needed some help figuring out the vibrating teether toy.

Ursula reads about being a big sister.

A lovely blanket for Squeebie!

Astrid chose chocolate pudding (instead of vanilla) for her birthday treat, and it was topped with some very dangerous candles, which Ursula just could not blow out. (They were so dangerous that we actually had quite a time getting them out of the glass and into some water.)

It may not be so obvious from the picture, but Astrid was very excited about the pudding and "spray sauce" (whipped cream from a can). Astrid is very glad to be free of her milk allergy, because this chocolate pudding beats number 2 baby food any day!

Ursula and Judith wait for trick-or-treaters on Halloween, along with Ursula's not-too-spooky pumpkin, and Astrid's very spooky pumpkin. (Ursula appears to have already gone trick-or-treating, given that she's devouring a pixie stick.)