October 2006 -- I

A visit to Oma and Opa...

Jaana rides a horse
Go, horsie, go!
Ursula rides a horse

(This is one of the pictures taken by Ursula.)

(Ursula took this one too.)

Hmmm, whose leaf pile is bigger?

Ilka is ready to be ridden, and Ursula is ready to ride.

Ilka was curious about Astrid, and especially the crinkle paper she was holding.

Jaana meets her first horse.

"It's way better up here!"

Ursula thanks Ilka with a carrot.

Ursula helps lead Ilka.

Waldi doesn't want to come out of the field, even though Anja and Ursula call and call!

When Waldi finally came, Ursula helped bring him to his stable.