October 2006 -- V

Ursula and Oma play memory. Guess who won? (Ursula beat her mommy, then Oma, then her Da, all in one day.)

Da thought he could win, but he was wrong.

Wait a minute -- who is in charge of this horse? Ursula?

Look -- this horse is actually moving!

Is that Oma holding the horse?

Astrid really enjoyed being thoroughly sniffed by the horse (who would have preferred if Astrid really had been hiding treats somewhere).

Ursula helps bring the horses in from the fields

And then Ursula makes nice horsie beds.

Ursula apparently understood that Waldi likes to stand outside but stick his head in to eat his food, so she demonstrates.

And here comes the Ursula horsie out of her horsie stall.

Horsie dinner time!

Now that the horsie beds are made and dinner has been served, Ursula helps bring the horses to their clean stalls.