October 2006 -- VI

Look at these beautiful and spooky jack-o-lanterns!

what a ferocious Astrid-wolf!

Wolf sisters!

A wolf pack (or at least most of it).

The huge clown came to say happy birthday to Astrid!!

Astrid has a thing or two to tell that clown....

Astrid likes the present Ursula gave her.

Ursula gave Astrid a pie plate and some noisy balls to go in it.

Ursula and Garrett go bobbing for apples. (Ursula's shirt came off right after this, so since I've been given grief over the PG rated pictures of Stuart, the actual bobbing has been censored.)

Jaana initially put her face down by the water to bob for one as well, but then realized it was easier to fish it out with her hands.

Jaana loves bobbing for apples!