September 2005 -- II

Ursula put on the special "mee-mitts" and got out the wipes, just like they do at therapy, so we could clean up toys and things which had been in storage in the garage for Squeebie.

The giant pumpkin weigh-off.

The goats at the farm market where they weigh the pumpkins can be fed up high by sending food up the pully system in a little cup. This is unbelievable delightful if you are about 3 years old. Tim and Matthew are feeding the goats. (Tim grows his own giant pumpkins, but did not bring them to be weighed because they were still growing.)

Kathy and brand new little Daniel (with Tim and Matthew) came out to see the giant pumpkins too.

Look at all these pirates at a pirate birthday party! They are getting ready for a big treasure hunt.

The Astrid-pirate also found some treasure, but mostly her treasure was delivered to her.

Ursula's favorite part of any party -- cake with "throsting"!

Ursula and Garrett dress up like knights and go to battle.

Ursula uses her special "U" bag to take some food to the hungry little fishies that live in the pond. The fish are so tame that when they hear us coming, the line up in the water to wait for food.

"This is my Ursula U!"

One of our two favorite woods activies, aside from seeing treasure (mostly turkey feathers and acorns, though we've found the occasional bone) is whacking tree trunks and branches with big sticks.