September 2007 -- II

A trip to the park where Namina, Aunt Barbara, and Aunt Judy played with their aunt when they were little.

I'm not sure if Jaana is more or less likely to go down the slide following Aunt Barbara's lead.

Astrid thinks Aunt Jeanette is really great.

Ursula just had to go wading. (There are no wading pictures because Ursula' mommy also had to go wading, as did Jaana, who declared it "bath" and splashed a lot.)

Astrid thought the geese were funny when they took the crackers from her lap, but after she kicked one in her excitement, she didn't get any more takers, except Jaana, who was all to happy to eat the crackers off of Astrid's lap.

Ursula's student-of-the-week picture. (She insisted that Miss Maisy should be in the picture.)